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Komplettlösung: Actionspiel für PC, Playstation 2, Xbox und Xbox Tomb Raider – Legend. Kapitel 7: Nepal – Der Ghalali-Schlüssel. You will finally be able to proceed with the main puzzle. As I've mentioned before, it's not too complicated. It will require, however, doing certain things. In the cut scene, Lara reaches Nepal. After she drops on a ledge, she tells Zip that the wreckage should be on the other side. Alister cannot see anything and.

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Then she should jump and grab the pole more securely. It will require, however, doing certain things. The previous set of screenshots includes this reward. Instead, turn around and start shooting at the right wall. Use free Adobe Reader to view and print this guide. To get across, first take a running jump from the ledge at the exit from the sword room to the square platform on the left. Pinke Karten und Nominierungen That way, you will not accidentally miss it if you fail in the next part and the Checkpoint loads. Nun - bis zum nächsten ist's noch sehr weit. Once you're at the top platform, you will be able to take it without any problem. Diese muss man entsprechend mit "E" beschleunigend sehr schnell nehmen, damit man am Ende nach oben springen kann, bevor die Kante weggebrochen ist. At aqvital she admits that all her adventures thus far have been leading to .